Friday, February 11, 2011

At Least There's No Burning Involved... Yet.

About a month ago the Catholic Truth Society published a book called Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers. It is currently out of stock on Amazon. It even has a couple of "customer reviews".

Here's what the Catholic Truth Society website says about the book
An introduction to these phenomena and how to evangelise those involved. To marginalised and spiritually hungry generations the growing spiritual phenomena of Wicca and witchcraft have proved attractive, with much to offer: power, supernatural abilities and socially acceptable agendas such as eco-activism and feminism. This booklet examines their origins, history, beliefs and practices, and then explains Catholic teaching’s cogent assessment of them. Furthermore it explores why young people are attracted to Wicca, and describes ways in which it is possible to bring witches and wiccans to Christ and his Church.

Who the heck is buying this crap?

In the US only 22% of Catholics attend mass regularly. Not that this is unexpected. In 2009 the Catholic Church called for a ban on social networks. Hardly anyone noticed.

Now they're taking a stand against Harry Potter? Are these the death throws of an outdated and irrelevant church? One can only hope. I've got nothing against Christianity. I have a lot of hard feelings about Christian religions. I grew up Catholic. I know how bogged down in dogma it is. It's too bad. Some of the rituals are rather pretty.

Here's a question to take away with you: What is the difference between Catholics trying to convert pagans and Muslim extremists believing that anyone who is not Muslim should be converted or killed?
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