Monday, January 2, 2012

Harvest Jellied Headcheese

There are very few foods from my childhood that I still eat. When I was a kid I actually hated headcheese but, a few years ago, I had a craving. I was lucky enough to have a great butcher who made it. Then I moved. I now live in a neighborhood that seems to be anti-headcheese. The only way I can have it is if I buy jellied headcheese from a company called Harvest Meats.

I've got to tell you that, especially when compared to the butcher I used to buy from, the Harvest headcheese is a vastly inferior product. The picture above was taken of the last package I bought. That huge, empty brown area is pure jelly. It ran right through the roll. I was not a happy camper. On top of the excess jelly, this product is way too salty.

Headcheese is such a simple thing it boggles the mind that someone could mess it up so badly. I guess I"ll be travelling back to the old neighborhood whenever the craving gets too strong. I definitely won't be buying this product again.

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